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Avoiding Rogue Locksmiths: Cheaper Isn't Always Better

Finding yourself locked out of your own home can be a frustrating experience. In these situations, it's natural to seek help from a locksmith to quickly regain access. However, it's important to be aware of the existence of rogue locksmiths who take advantage of people in their time of need. When it comes to locksmith services, cheaper may not always be the best way, and caution is required to avoid unnecessary costs and deceitful practices. This blog aims to shed light on how to avoid rogue locksmiths and emphasize the significance of obtaining a proper quote before agreeing to the services.

The Importance of Getting a Full Price Quote:

One of the primary warning signs of a rogue locksmith is their tendency to offer seemingly unbeatable prices to lure potential customers. They may advertise rates as low as £49 or £59, but unfortunately, this is often just a ploy to grab your attention. Once they arrive at the scene, they quickly find ways to increase the costs, leaving you with a hefty bill. To prevent such unpleasant surprises, always request a quote for the full price, inclusive of any additional fees, before agreeing to their services. This way, you can make an informed decision without falling victim to unscrupulous practices.

Experienced Locksmiths Offer Non-Destructive Solutions:

An experienced and professional locksmith understands the value of your property and is equipped with the knowledge and techniques to gain access without causing any damage. They approach the situation with precision, using their expertise and tools to open locks in a non-destructive manner. However, rogue locksmiths, lacking the necessary skills and ethics, often resort to destructive methods unnecessarily. Remember, a reputable locksmith will only consider destructive means as a last resort, after exhausting all other options.

Always Agree on a Price and Seek Multiple Quotes:

To further protect yourself from rogue locksmiths, it is crucial to agree on a firm price upfront. A professional locksmith will be transparent about their charges, ensuring there are no hidden costs or unexpected increases. Don't hesitate to inquire about any potential additional fees associated with the service.

Additionally, it is advisable to ring around and obtain multiple quotes from different locksmiths. This simple step can save you from being overcharged or trapped by dishonest individuals. By comparing various quotes, you can make an informed decision and have a clearer understanding of fair pricing in the market.


In moments of lockout emergencies, it's vital not to succumb to the tactics of rogue locksmiths. Remember, cheaper isn't always better when it comes to locksmith services. Prioritize your security and avoid unnecessary costs by seeking a full price quote before agreeing to any services. Experienced locksmiths will strive to find non-destructive methods to access your property, only resorting to destructive means as a last resort. By always agreeing on a price and getting multiple quotes, you can safeguard yourself against deceitful practices and make an informed choice. Stay cautious and protect yourself from rogue locksmiths, as they prey on people in their time of need.

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